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Washington, D.C. is at the forefront of cities nationwide when it comes to promoting clean energy and tackling the climate crisis head-on. Now it’s time for D.C. to lead again—not only in cutting fossil fuel pollution but in creating a more just and sustainable economy for all.

We know that putting a price on carbon is one of the most straightforward and cost-effective ways to fight climate change. By making fossil fuel polluters pay for the real and damaging costs of their emissions, we can unleash the clean energy solutions we need, and make D.C. families better off in the process.

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Never before have so many understood the power of citizen activism to fight climate denial at the highest levels of our federal government. That’s why we’re fighting for climate progress in D.C. with a campaign to put a fair and equitable price on carbon. The “Put a Price On It” coalition is proposing a progressive policy that fights climate change, unleashes clean energy, and makes D.C. families better off in the process. It would be landmark legislation for our community and a model for others to push their climate policies forward.

Before we get there, we need your help. Supporters like you make up the beating heart of our work. There are lots of opportunities, big and small, for you to make an impact with the “Put a Price On It DC” campaign. So take your resistance to the next level and sign up to volunteer! We need you on the front lines, today.

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