About the Coalition

About the Team

In late 2015, the District’s leading environmental organizations came together around a bold vision for climate action in the nation’s capital.

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About the Coalition

The Put A Price On It D.C. Coalition is comprised of environmental and justice advocacy organizations, faith groups, unions, consumer advocacy organizations, D.C. businesses, and more.

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Businesses: Ben’s Chili Bowl; American Sustainable Business Council; ANXO Cidery; Arcadia Power; B Doughnut DC; Biomass Thermal Energy Council; Cafe Chocolat; Calabash Tea Bar & Cafe; Capital Sun Group; Chozen Consulting, LLC; Clean Choice Energy; Cork Wine Bar & Market; Craft Kombucha; Crossbow Strategies; DC by Foot; DC Sun; District Solar; Dupont Optical; Fearless Fund; Fire & Knives; Good As Green; Grand Cata; Green Compass; HBC Theatre Company; Honeydew Energy Advisors; Impact Business Leaders; Ipsun Solar; Jigar Shah; Marcelle’s Coup; Neighborhood Sun; Organic Consumers Association; The Outrage; Pleasant Pops; Potter’s House; PSM Strategies; The Pub and the People; Rito Loco; Runningbyrd Tea; Solar Solution LLC; South Block Juice; Sparkfund; Up Top Acres; Windows Cafe and Market; Zenful Bites

Environmental Organizations: 350 DC; CCAN Action Fund; Center for Biological Diversity; Center for Clean Air Policy; Citizens’ Climate Lobby DC Chapter; Climate Reality DC Chapter; DC Divest; DC Environmental Network; DC Statehood; Green America; Green Drinks DC; Green Party; Moms Clean Air Force; Our Climate; Sierra Club DC Chapter; U.S. Climate Plan

Community, Justice & Labor Organizations: Americans for Transit; Art Killing Apathy; Black Millennials for Flint; Board of Governors of the Woman’s National Democratic Club; Central North East Civic Association in Ward 7; Crestwood Citizens Association; DC Fiscal Policy Institute; DC for Democracy; Fair Budget Coalition; Generation E PAC; Health Alliance Network; League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia; ONE DC; Public Citizen; Rising Hearts Coalition; Roosevelt Institute at American University; SEIU 32BJ; DC Working Families; Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless; Washington Walks; We Act Radio; Universal Child Care Now – DC Coalition

Religious Advocacy Organizations: DC Catholic Conference; Interfaith Power & Light (DC MD NoVA); Jews United for Justice

Endorsement from Nicole Bera, campaign volunteer and student from American University:

“My time working with CCAN on the carbon price campaign was unlike any other. I learned so much about a city that I love and an issue I am so passionate about. I had the amazing opportunity to meet my Councilmembers in person for the first time. And lobbying, presenting to classes, and tabling at local events helped me work on my public speaking skills. Working with the passionate, resourceful, and caring staff has made my experience at CCAN educational and fulfilling.”

Supporting Voices

Interfaith Power & Light (DC.MD.NoVA)

Karen Leu

“A growing number of DC’s faith communities understand that the burden of climate change should be borne by the polluters who cause the problem rather than the people who are most harmed by it. That’s why we support D.C. in doing our part by putting a price on climate pollution and protecting our vulnerable neighbors.”

U.S. Climate Plan

Evan Weber

“For too long, fossil fuel CEOs have made all of us bear the costs of the climate crisis while they continue to pad their pockets. Now, they’ve shown they’ll do anything — even threaten the fabric of democracy itself — to make another buck. While they and their allies revel in their control of Congress and the White House, the real representatives of Washington, D.C. — its people — are saying: enough is enough. It’s time to make them pay.”


Judith Howell

“The human race needs to understand that planet earth is our collective home. When we deny climate change, we allow corporate greed to perpetuate injustice. Working class and poor people suffer the most consequences.”

Americans for Transit

Sigute Meilus

“Americans for Transit is proud to support this campaign because D.C. cannot wait to take serious action in curbing the effects of climate change. Riders using public transportation reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and strengthen the economy by creating green jobs. A carbon tax will make the biggest polluters pay, deliver rebates to residents, and investments in the local green economy. ”


UBI Advocate

Sebastian Johnson

“The Put a Price on It D.C. coalition is breaking new ground in the fight for environmental and economic justice. For too long, polluters have gotten away with not paying their fair share and sticking the rest of us with the costs – to our health, our pockets, and our climate. Carbon rebates are one step toward realizing an economy that meets the basic needs of every citizens, not the desires of corporate interests.”


Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Stephanie Doyle 

“CCL is excited to support a carbon fee and dividend plan in the District of Columbia. CCL supports a carbon rebate program that is progressive, fair, robust and will serve as an example for how a national carbon fee and dividend plan could work to bring down emissions and protect those most affected by rising energy costs and pollution.”

D.C. Divest

Hayden Higgins

“When we set out to get the city to divest from fossil fuels, it was with the view that these same economic and moral principles also underpin the argument for pricing the pollution ruining lives through bad air and climate change.”

Moms Clean Air Force

Payal Shah Martin

“Pollution harms our kids and our communities. As parents, we tell our kids to clean up their mess; polluters should have to do the same.”


Ipsun Power

Joe Marhamati

“While Ipsun Power helps individuals and companies go solar every day, we recognize that climate change is a global problem that requires everyone to get involved and help to finally put a price on the carbon pollution that is destabilizing our shared ecosystem. Carbon pricing will benefit the vast majority of DC residents, wrest control of our energy system away from centralized fossil fuel polluters, and help DC meet its climate goals. As a mission driven company and DC based business, we wholeheartedly endorse the “Put a Price on it Campaign” and encourage all DC residents to support the effort.”

DC Fiscal Policy Institute

Ed Lazere

“I am excited to support this critical effort to reduce carbon pollution in D.C. Putting a price on carbon to reflect its real costs, and then rebating the funds to D.C. residents, is a smart way to pursue environmental and economic justice at the same time. If the feds won’t lead on climate change, states and cities should!”


“Under the People’s Platform, we fight for the right to wellness for people and the Earth AND transparency, accountability, and participatory democracy. The Put a Price On It DC campaign has put forward a solution to hold polluters accountable and to create a healthy environment for DC residents.”

Neighborhood Sun

Gary Skulnik

“Neighborhood Sun is thrilled to be part of this amazing campaign that can act as a model for real climate change and climate justice solutions for the rest of the country. We don’t have time to wait for the Federal Government. We need to lead at the local level. As a DC area business dedicated to building stronger communities and providing solar access to everyone, not just the select few, Neighborhood Sun is committed to doing what we can to Put a Price on It in DC.”

Jigar Shah

Co-Founder, Generate Capital

“I enthusiastically join the Carbon Rebate coalition because a strong, rising price on climate pollution is the critical accelerator of our energy transition. We need to transform our energy systems to achieve maximum efficiency in order to support a growing global population rising into the middle class. No policy is more promising or immediate than a fee on carbon–and no place is better positioned to lead the way than the District of Columbia.”

Tim Ryder

Strategic Director, Green Drinks DC

“Green Drinks DC is working to build a vibrant and engaged environmental movement in our nation’s capital and we see the Put a Price On as a key effort to elevate DC as a national environmental leader.”

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DC Campaign Director

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Communications Director

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