Faces of the Campaign: Meet Mark Rakhmilevich

Faces of the Campaign: Meet Mark Rakhmilevich

Faces of the Campaign is an ongoing series featuring our key organizers and stakeholders involved in “Put A Price On It, D.C.” Our coalition of nearly 50 organizations is comprised of racial justice activists, union workers, health advocates, moms, dads, kids, retirees, and business-owners alike. Mark Rakhmilevich is a key organizer with the campaign.  Here’s his story.

Why does the campaign to put a price on carbon in DC and rebate the revenue matter to you?

I think it’s crucial to fight climate change now and grow clean energy markets. Our window of opportunity to act is closing fast, and really, as one of the top polluting nations, we owe it to those disadvantaged communities in developing countries who suffer most. Let’s Put A Price On It in DC to serve as the progressive model to be used abroad, and lower our carbon emissions while also reinvesting in our communities.

What has been your favorite moment in this campaign so far?

Not one specifically, but in general I’ve really enjoyed various marches and rallies where you can really see this campaign and movement continue to grow.

What was your biggest accomplishment on this campaign?

Growing support from the local business community – Hosting a webinar in partnership with ASBC + business roundtable with Green Business Roundtable.

If you could tame a wild animal to do your bidding, what would it be?